Friday, March 11, 2011


Ask, and ye shall receive.
Sometimes I'll say, "I wish there would be a deal on...", and voila', there'll be a deal. Pretty cool.

So I was down to my last bottle of ketchup...

They are BOGO at $1.65, or .82 each. I had .35/1 coupons I cut out from the insides of the Banquet meal boxes I got at Kroger during the Mega-sale, which doubled to .70, making the ketchups .12 each.

So then I got Yakisoba for .21 overage each. Had a little more overage than I thought the tax might be, and I needed pizza crust mix anyway, so that worked out nicely.

Trans #1 spent .17
Trans #2 spent .18

Less than half a dollar for 21 bottles of ketchup! YaY!

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