Saturday, March 19, 2011


We can call this *The Cruelest Prank Evah played on Couponers*.  What a freeking disaster.
I can't believe I actually, naively believed that someone with some Sense worked at Walmart...Duh! If they really had any sense, I guess they wouldn't be working at Walmart, huh.

For the past two weeks I have been fighting this fight, trying to get the Stores trained when Corp. wouldn't, but today whooped my ass. I already figured I was pretty well done anyway.

As I walked into the store, I saw copies of the New coupon policy taped to the registers, so I stopped at an unbusy SCO cashier and asked her if she knew if they were accepting the Walgreens as one per Purchase or Item, or one per Transaction.  She read it and said, one per purchase, per item.
So I go do my shopping, and then when I go to checkout, even before unpacking the cart, I asked the cashier if she was aware of the New coupon policy and accepting the Register Rewards.  She went off to ask the CSM, who said yes, they did. *IF they scan, they do*.  They scanned, but asked something about it being a food item coupon, she just pressed yes or enter or whatever, and it went through.

Wouldn't have been no problem from there, I'da been long gone, except for a colossally Stupid mistake on my part - forgetting the $50.00 coupon per transaction limit. It wanted a CSM approval, but instead of approving it, the same CSM that said yes they do take them, now starts going through them, scrutinizing, wanting to know what I bought with what. Her theory was that it didn't work because to be able to use a $10.00 RR, I had to buy ONE item that cost $10.00 or more.
For one thing I don't even have to do that at Walgreens - I can go in Wags and buy 10 $1.00 items and use 1 $10.00 RR, but for another, WM's policy says you can use Overage to pay for other items. As long as I have more items than coupons, I'm good.

She ends up suspending the whole transaction and we have to go off to another register and call someone else to come.
Another CSM comes, and she says "They're say they're only redeemable at Walgreens". So right there I already know that one doesn't know what she's even talking about. 
They say, "Well the only problem is, it says *Instore purchase*". I said yes, as opposed to Online purchase. That isn't saying it can ONLY be used InWalgreenStore.

That one calls, I assume, the Manager office, and they tell her no, they can only be used at Walgreens.

So I go outside and call 1-800-Wal-Mart and speak to a CS rep and tell her what has happened. She asked for my number and said the Manager would call me. I said but I'm here now. So she told me to go back to CS and she would have the highest level of Management come meet me.

I waited over half an hour and finally the SM comes, and says Home Office told him NOT to take them. That they didn't realize I was trying to use a *Cents off* Walgreens coupon.  I said I'm not using a *Cents off* coupon...Anyway, I thought there was a whole bunch of miscommunication between me and them, and him and them. I showed him my copy of the New coupon policy that clearly showed they accepted the Catalina coupons on No Specific Item, unlike the Specific Item Price Comparison coupons.

Eventually he said he would allow it, because I had been standing there so long. Basically he was allowing it to do me a favor, rather than admitting I was right, which ticked me off.

Only to come home and find out I was NOT right.  Effin' stupid dammed Walmart changed the freekin' policy on Wednesday to show that they don't accept the Register Rewards afterall.

I am just seriously at a loss. I know I'm naive, but I was sooo hopeful someone up there had realized that RR's are reimbursable MQ's, and had saw the potential for earnings if they could lure all of us coupon users in to the stores. It was clear by the picture in the original new coupon policy that they KNEW there were Catalina coupons for No Specific Item, or else they would have pictured an example Specific Item, like they did in the MQs and Competitor coupon.
The intent was there, at first, for them to accept RR/OYNO Catalinas, and they know it.  So why did they back up?

Bad enough they made a new coupon policy and didn't even bother to inform the stores, making a real bitch on the couponers to try to train them into taking them, then they go and pull this kind of crap?!
All I can think is for some only-God-must-know reason, they did it on purpose. I can't imagine what purpose, unless someone up there despises coupon-users to the point they want to make good and damn sure one of us never, ever darkens their doors again. But why?? Coupons are money. Walmart loves money.

I am just finding it really, really hard to accept that it could have been merely a *mistake*, simply someone's stupidity.
I don't know why, though...everytime I think I've seen the lowest levels of stupidity someone could reach, I end up surprised when come to find out, they can get even stupider.

Oh well, it was *fun* while it lasted. NOT.
But I did get alot of good stuff for my RR's that I wouldn't've been able to get at Wags.

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