Friday, March 25, 2011

Rite Aid

I had about $120.00 in weekly and Winter Rewards +UPs to roll/spend this week. The Doctor's Nightguard was $19.99, and get a $15.00 +UP. There's a $5.00 IP coupon, making it free after +UP, and you can use a $3/$15 survey coupon to make it a moneymaker.
I read there's a Limit of 1 per card.

I got some Blink, $7.99 with $7.99 SCR. I had some $4.00 peelies, so they are mm's.

The Nutri-Nail stuff is on sale BOGO, and there is a BOGO Nutri-Nail up to $8.00 coupon, making both free.

The Reach floss was free after $1.00 coupon from the SS dispenser thing hanging right in front of them.

Apparently Reach toothbrushes are counting for the Heart Healthy reward. I bought them using BOGO and $1.00 MQs; earned $2.00 +UP each.
Along with some $5.49 BOGO Vitamin Ds which I used $3.00 RA IPs.
I bought over $30.00 the first shop, but didn't get the $10 +UP, and no running total on my receipt, so I thought it must not have worked.
I was making a profit on the Reach anyway, so I bought somemore at the next store, and out came the $10 +UP.
Having no idea what was counting or not, how close I was to the $50 mark, I went ahead and bought the (1) TB and (2) vitamins at the next store, all they had, figuring maybe I could go to my local store tomorrow and buy TBs two at a time until I hit $50 and got the other $10 +UP.
Surprise! I got it this time.

One store had the $4.79 Veet wax strips. Used $3.00 in-ad and $3.00 IP for some overage which I used to help pay for the Fritos and loafa breads, which were clearanced to .79 each.
Fritos were 2/$5, get a $1 +UP, so $2.00 each.

The Yoo-Hoos were clearance to .79 each at another store, and the bright orange tshirt was clearanced at .50, but my discount made it .45 cents.
The cereals and mac'n'cheese were clearanced to .25 each, but I only bought them because I needed cheap fillers to be able to use another $1.00 +UP.

The Barber scissors were clearanced for $2.49.
The Pepto was $5.49 (I think), used a $2.00 in-ad q, and applied a $3/$15 survey coupon to it (bought it with free stuff), to make it just cents.

Also bought milk and Nesquick, and Sweet Sue canned chicken and refried beans on sale $10/10.

ETA Totals:
$130.88 +UPs Spent
$2.25 + 16.70 tax = $18.95 oop
$128.00 +UPs Earned
$31.96 SCR
= $10.13 profit

Total Savings $528.45


Anonymous said...

So I am curious about how many +ups do you have after all is said and done?

Melissa said...

From the ones I rolled over this past weeks, $128.00.
Plus $34.00 expiring this week, and $60.00 expiring the week after.
All together, $222.00.

Anonymous said...

Wow...that is awesome!