Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Had ECBs expiring today so stopped by some CVS's on the way to my youngun's soccer game tonight. It's late so I left the stuff in the car, so no picture yet but I wanted to share the deal w/ya's.

Transaction 1:
Physician's Formula Cosmetics, buy ANY ONE and get $7.00 ECB (Limit 1)
Buy $5.99 concealor
- $5.00 pdf
= .99 + tax.

Transaction 2:
Physician's Formula Jumbo lash Mascara $9.99, get $7.00 ECB (Limit 1)
*The mascara pictured in the ad is not the mascara that is giving the ECB. The correct one is the bigger one that looks like a long green leaf. However I found out if I got the one pictured in the ad I showed them I was supposed to get the ECB and they printed it manually.
Also buy Colgate MaxFresh $2.99, get $2.00 ECB.
- 5.00 pdf
- 7.00 ECB from first order
= .98 + tax

In the end you will have spent  $1.97 + tax cash, and end up with $9.00 ECB, making a profit of approx. $7.03 before tax.

I used what ECBs I had to do the deals, but it was so little out of pocket I had several to spend, so I did the Coke/Dr.P deal; Buy 3/$10, get $2 ECB.

One of the deals I did Skintimate instead of Colgate. Same cost, just a little more oop up front, but I had ECBs to spend.
Figures, after I did these deals yesterday, there was a $1.00 Colgate Maxfresh in the ad-papers in my mailbox today.

Since it was so little oop, and such good profit, I did the deal w/ all four of my cards. I only keep two Rolling normally, so I'll spend off the ECBs on the spare cards on something we want or need.

Totals (4 cards)
$46.86 ECBs Spent
$9.92 + 5.97 tax = $15.89 oop
$68.50 ECBs Earned
= $5.75 Profit

Saved $98.00

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