Friday, March 25, 2011


I had several $10 RRs from the Excedrin deal last week (or week before?) to roll; I hoped to be able to use them on the Tena's w/ a $2.50 IP for a money maker. It being a rather large amount RR, I didn't figure on so many people running to buy them all up. I was planning to visit three stores, so planned on being able to get at least a couple here and there. Nope, found one at one store, and another one (hidden) at another store.

Two of the stores had a boatload of the Plackers, so I think a truck had come in recently, and they probably kept the Tena squirreled away in the back because they were mm's. These stores seem to have Managers/Employees that think you're ripping them off when you use Q's on a FARR deal.

Oh well. I found some $10 Vitamins to roll over even.

I didn't have the Almay MQs, so that wasn't as great of a deal to me. I didn't have many smaller denomination RRs to be able to use, so I turned over a fairly high amount of cash into RR's for a relatively little bit of profit. (If WM was still taking RR's I would have bought these all day.)

The saltines were a filler when I needed to spend some amount to get me up $14.00 worth of RR's I was spending, but in the end I was still off my count by .08 friggin cents, so I had to add one of those stupy caramels they keep by the registers for that purpose.
I hate those things, but the cashier said she loved them so I gave it to her. I didn't want to give up my receipt so she said I should open it and hand it to her and she ate it right there. (Not sure how I ended up with the wrapper back, lol.)

In the end I managed to make a profit. Surprised me, I was pretty sure I was barely if at all breaking even and after taxes was probably taking a loss.
(But still not really happy that I turned almost $25 cash into RRs. I hardly ever buy anything at Wags that I acutally need.)
(Back to whining that I can't use RR's at a grocery store or WM.)

$70.00 RRs Spent
$20.93 + 4.01 tax = $24.94 oop
$106.00 RRs Earned
= $11.06 profit

$149.58 Sale/Coupon Savings

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