Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today has been a grey, drizzly, yucky kind of day, which I don't mind when I can stay home, but I needed to make a run to Publix so figured I'd get in some other shops while I was out to make it worth the gas.
But, boy, I really wasn't feeling it.

I was trying to do this candy deal, buy $10, get $5 off Hershey product Catalina. My $1/3 insert coupons kept beeping, the Asst.Manager just wasn't going to take them period, even though they were clearly for the right items, so she went and got the Store Manager. She scanned them and they worked with no problem. But I screwed it up trying to use the $3.00 off Hershey purchase I got from buying Twizzlers a few weeks ago. She said all I needed was one more item (which wasn't true) so I got a bag of the Suggestive Sale nuts. It still beeped, but she just entered it as a MQ.
So it ended up like $10.79, minus $2.00 MQ, minus $3.00 Hershey RR, minus $5.00 RR; get $5.00 Hershey RR.
I think it cost me $3.79 plus tax after coupons and RR. I'm not sure, this one twists up my feeble mind.

Anyway, I can take the $5.00 off Hershey product to Walmart and buy a candy bar and get overage with the rest.
Pretty sure the deal wasn't worth it.

At the next store I tried buing the 6 bags of candy and a small bag of Cadbury mini eggs, hoping to trick the MQs and RR into working. One of the MQs still beeped, even before the $3.00 RR. She just typed it in as an MQ, and the $3.00 scanned without problem. So I don't know what the problem was.

Biore deal:
$7.49 Strips
$7.99 Cleanser
-7.99 get free Cleanser wyb Strips
-2.00 Biore Tearpad q
= $5.49; get $5.00 RR wyb 2
Final cost $0.49

2/$6 Colgate
-1.00 D&Y Mag x 2
Get $4.00 RR wyb 2
= Free after RR

$1.99 Biotene Gum
$ .99 Biotene Gum BOGO50% sale
-1.50 D&Y mag x 2
= Free

.69 Foil filler
.79 Nuts filler

Found Pistacios clearance for .49 each, bought 9 or 10 bags. My kid likes them.

The 2nd store had the signs for Buy Milk, get Oreos free signs up so I tried it. Cookies didn't come off so she called the Manager and he said it would only take $1.00 off the 16oz. package. I asked which ones I needed to get to be free, so she went and looked at the sign and came back and took off the price of the cookies.  I had a $1.00 cookies and milk peelie q I found at Publix last week, so I paid $2.29 + .10 tax for cookies and milk (which I still think is kindly expensive. It ought not cost more than that without sale/coupon).

$38.00 RRs Spent

$2.70 + 3.14 tax = $5.84 oop
$23.00 RR's Earned
= $20.84 cost (ouch!!)

$78.13 Savings

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