Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rite Aid

Stopped into my peeny-azz little RA store on the way to Boy-o's soccer game. No Almay, no Physician's Formula, no Jessie's Girl, no 1-ct Thermacare.
They did have (2) tuna and (2) sardines. Woohoo, big time.
Found a loafa bread marked down to .79 cents.

Grabbed a couple SCR stuff to be able to use a $3/$15, but between the cost of the SCRs, the bread, tuna and candy, I reckon I would have done as well without buying the SCR stuff to be able to use a $3/$15.
And I didn't even get another Survey to replace it, and my Wellness points backed up 2 points yesterday, and aren't adding any today, either.

Yesterday I bought Comtrex because it was the cheapest SCR item, and I probably shoulda bought another (the last one) today, but someone posted that the Keri rang up cheaper with the 20% (it didn't for me), otherwise the Cruex was sort of a challenge. Or novelty. or something. funny.

I didn't know what Cruex was. All I could see in the ad was the Male symbol on the bottle, which was kinda interesting. I asked the cashier if she knew what Cruex was,she didn't. She looked at the ad and decided it was foot stuff and sent me back to the foot stuff section, where I had already been.

Yesterday I was shopping from my list, before actually looking at the ad, and I was like, oh yay, Desenex, gonna get some medicated dandruff shampoo.
I was telling Johnay about it - it's Denorex, not Desenex - and he was like, I thought that was diaper rash stuff? lol

Anyway I knew it wasn't foot stuff. So I had to call out to the car and get him to google Cruex to find out what it was, so I would know where to look for it in the store.
Turned out it was Jock Itch spray, lololol.

In the end, the trans cost me $1.24. I guess that's not too bad for some tuna sandwiches and trout bait (Johnay makes trout bait out of sardines).

$16.00 +UPs Spent
$0.23 + 1.01 tax = $1.24 oop
$4.00 +UPs Rec'd
$12.00 SCR
= $1.24 cost

Savings $27.58

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