Friday, March 18, 2011


Excellent news! (for me). I learned the SM of one of my fav Wags stores was moved to the Wags-I-Hated-Most-Evah!
This was the store that only allowed One coupon per type, per transaction. So for instance I needed to buy at least four boxes of the Excedrin for the $20.00 deal, they would have only allowed me to use One of the $2.50 MQs, even though I was buying four items.  They said their Vendors told them they were taking too many coupons and were going to quit paying them. I told Mr. G that and he made a face like, 'What? That's crazy'.

My kid had a soccer game in the area tonight, so I stopped in to check it out, and sure enough, no problems. Well, just a tiny thing. I bought a Body Wash and a Deodorant and wrote $4.49, the price of the BW, on the BOGO coupon and the girl said she couldn't give me that much, it had to be the least expensive item. I asked why, and she didn't have an answer. I pointed out that the coupon allowed up to $4.49, so they would get reimbursed for it, so what was the issue?  She said okay, but you can only do one.  Yeah, I only got one; the others were $2.99 and/or $3.99.

Bad news is, they didn't have any of the little $1.59 size Excedrin boxes. I gambled on it working on $19.96, and lost. No RR :-(
I didn't have time to return them. Oh well.

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