Friday, March 11, 2011


(Will work on this more later, in the meantime if you need to locate a coupon try a database like at Southern Savers or IheartPublix or HotCouponWorld)

$0.97 Purex 3-in-1 2ct. Travel size
-3.00 (insert?)
= $2.03 overage

$0.97 Pert Plus travel size
-1.00 (insert?)
= .03 overage

$0.97 Sensodyne Enamelsomething travel size
-1.00 (insert?)
= .03 overage

$0.97 Reach floss
-1.00 10/10 RP or leaflet from coupon dispenser at RA
= .03 overage

I ended up over $14.00 worth of overage. I had been going to buy meat, but then I didn't need to. I thought about buying a gift card, but, I don't know, wanted to spend it on something. So I got some lettuce and beer, then finally shrimp and bacon. Yum.

Got into a young guy's line. He was gooood-looooookin, too. (Cougar growl)
He scanned my beer, and didn't ask for my ID. Waahhhhhh!! (Having worked at WM previously, I know the official policy for not asking for ID is if the person *looks* older than 40.) Wahhhhhhhh!

I wasn't really expecting any trouble from him, but oddly enough, when he gave it anyway, it was because he inisted the coupon said I had to buy "the cleaners", too, in addition to the 3-in-1 sheets.  I pointed to where it said "or" twice, but he said he'd get somebody.

So the CSM comes and looks at the coupon and I point out where it says "or". He pulls the Purex out and asks how much they were and then said they couldn't take the coupon because it was more than the price of the item.  He wasn't going to take it at all, not even wanting to adjust them down.
I didn't even say a word, just pulled out the copy of the New Coupon Policy and held it up and pointed to where I wanted him to read.

He read it; Hmm'd like he was actually interested in the new overage rule himself. Asked me where I had gotten it, I told him, and also pointed out the fact that they'll be accepting Catalina coupons from like Walgreens, too. His expression was like, Wow. Not, what the heck is a Catalina or a Walgreens?

Anyway, he told the boy to put the coupons through, no more problem.
I let him keep the copy of the policy...I printed five of them, and will keep printing and sharing until hopefully they catch on.

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