Saturday, March 12, 2011


Johnay wanted to go look for a chain saw chain, and I wanted to visit some other Wags stores and Walmart, so I went along with him.

The cashier didn't give me any trouble about the overage on the coupons, but said they couldn't take the RR from Walgreens.
I broke out the new Policy and pointed it out and she scanned it, mumbling something about they don't tell them about stuff.
I offered to give it to her but she said nah. Pretty much I got the idea she just really didn't care one way or another.

But then my total comes up alot more than I was expecting. People were behind me and I knew the cashier couldn't be able to help, so I paid and went off to the side to see what had happened...
Dummy me, forgot to get out (5) Reach floss coupons. Gah.

So I had to go to CS and explained I forgot to use them. She looked and counted items and coupons and looked at the coupons and the receipt. Finally she said she'd be right back and went to the CSM podium, where she and a couple of other people discussed something for at least 5 minutes.
She came back and said, First of all, they say Limit 1 per purchase. I said yeah, and I purchased five items.

Then it was well that the floss cost .97 and the coupons were $1.00. I said according to your new coupon policy, you give overage now.
She said yeah that's why a Manager has to come anyway.
Waited another 5 or so minutes until a Manager came out.

Something was said about the new coupon policy and she was like yes well we don't actually give money back, what we do is...
I brought my copon policy out and pointed to where it said "Change may be given or..." I said I was trying to apply to my other items, but I forgot them, so now I fall under the Change can be given rule.
So then she told the girl to give it to me.

I also pointed out where they take RR's and Catalinas now. She said no, what they do is price match competitors coupons. So I pointed out the drawing where it says about matching the competitor coupon price for a specific item, and then pointed out where the Catalina coupon just has $2.00, and no specific item. I showed her a real RR and a Catalina.

As I was leaving I heard her saying something to the CS girl about needing to get everyone to read (something) and have them sign it. I'm guessing she was talking about the new coupon policy. Hopefully anyway.

So far it's going along not too badly. :Knock on wood:

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