Sunday, February 27, 2011


I was only going to CVS to buy the Crest TP, with the $1.00 off coupon, to make $2.00 profit on two. Not the FAECB Oral-B TB or Revitalens because I didn't need neither of them, and didn't want to pay tax for them.
Somehow, it didn't quite work out that way.

Another deal I did today was the Excedrin, but $20 get $10 ECB, Limit 1. The Excedrin PM is $4.99 or $5.00, and I used the $2.50 off tearpad mq (there was also in some insert I can't recall at the moment).
Buy 4, use 4 coupons, pay $10.00 get $10.00 ECB = FAECB
Today only I used a $4/$20 CVS IP and made them a $4.00 profit.

Trans #1, I bought the Excedrin and (1) Crest TP. Somehow I got *Playing the CVS Game* on my mind, about rolling the ECBs. Of course I didn't need to do that, since I already had ECBs to roll, and that Game is for people with no ECBs.
So, by rolling the Crest ECB, instead of making $1.00 profit with the coupon, I wasted it on a box of cereal.

Card #1 totals:
$17.61 ECBs spent
$.01 + 2.33 tax = $2.34 oop
$22.58 ECBs Rec'd
= $2.63 profit

Saved $43.11

Trans #2, this time I figured out to buy both Crests together, but I made the error of not price checking. The Crests were marked clearance here for $1.99, and I took the tag's word for it. One did ring up $1.99, the other regular price. No big deal except I figured for price of $1.99, so ended up paying more oop than with ECBs as I would have preferred. 
The $1.99 Crests DO count for the ECB deal.

Card #2 totals:
$13.75 ECBs spent
$1.49 + 1.63 tax = $3.12 oop
$22.58 ECBs Rec'd
= $5.71 profit

Saved $42.53

Final Total $8.34 profit

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