Sunday, February 20, 2011


Kroger's having a pretty cool Mega sale, started last week and continuing into next week. Buy 10 items and get an instant $3.00 off, plus then you get a $3.00 OYNO, so $6.00 altogether.

The Banquet meals - which we practically live off of - cost .58 after the instant savings. Buy 10 @ $5.80, and get $3.00 OYNO back. Final cost $2.80, or .28 each!!

The Gatorade are .69 after Instant Savings.
Instead of buying 10, I bought (5) and (5) Banquet @ $6.35, and used my $3.00 OYNO, so it cost $3.35, or about .33 each (or .28 Banquet and .39 Gatorade).

My kid likes the milk & cereal bars, but I never find them on a good sale, so I made him happy today!
They were $1.89 after instant savings, and I used a .50 MQ from (what insert?)that doubled to 1.00, making them .89 each.
I bought (5) of those and (5) Banquet @ $7.35. Used my $3.00 OYNO, so final cost was $4.35, or about .43 each (or .28 Banquet and .59 cereal bars).

I still have a $3.00 OYNO to roll on another deal.

There's more good deals, next week I'll be stocking up on Manwich and Chef-Boy-R-Dee and more Gatorade at .39 each.
I want to stock up on more Banquets, too, but I gotta unload some freezers and make room.


Cheap&Sweet said...

I feel you on the freezer situation. Both of mine or loaded.

Melissa said...

Nice, ain't it.
Well, except for when you want to put more in and it won't fit.