Saturday, February 12, 2011


Went into a CVS today, looking for clearance Garnier hair color.
I meant to get off my arse and go to a town with (5) CVS's last week and do two more Garnier deals with my two spare cards. I haven't been using them, but if I could get the Garnier free w/ coupons, and then get a $10.00 ECB, I could have bought the 3/$10, Get $3 ECB Cokes next week for nuttin. I really suck sometimes.

Anyway this store did have (7) Finish so I was able to use a raincheck and got them at $3.00 each - $2.25 MQ = $5.25; get $10.00 ECB = $4.75 profit

Also did another candy bar deal: Buy 2 Get 1 Free...bought (6) - (3) BOGO MQs (one rang up .99, the other two asked for price entered .89) = .79 cents.

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