Monday, February 21, 2011

Playing the CVS Game 2

Starting out with $2.00 ECB from Colgate deal, and $0.99 ECB from jelly beans deal from this week.

Next week we have a Crest deal. If you have enough toothpaste by now, you can get some mouthwash and/or floss to go with it. Several options, check sizes to make you buy the right thing.

There will be some Crest, etc. coupons in this weekends P&G insert in the Sunday paper, so try to pick one up (check to make sure the P&G insert is inside it before you buy it. Some people just like to steal them out and not buy the paper.)
(If your paper costs $2.00, you're going to save $2.00 on the Crest deal at least, so it's break even, plus there will be alot more coupons included so you might even save some more, too.)

$3.29 Crest/Scope/or Satin Floss
-1.00 Crest toothpaste or rinse (or .75 Floss)
-2.00 ECB from this week's Colgate deal
= .29 + tax you pay
Get $3.29 ECB

There is a limit of 2 on this deal, so you can get another one.
Using a $1.00 coupon with this deal makes your item cost less than your ECB, so you need to buy a $1.00 item to fill the difference.
Use $3.29 ECB and pay only tax.
Get $3.29 ECB.

You can save your $3.29 ECB for next week, or if you need Multi-purpose solution, Revitalens Multi-purpose Solution 4oz. will be free after ECB.

$5.99 Revitalens 4oz.
-0.99 ECB from this weeks' jelly beans deal
-3.29 ECB from previous transaction
= $1.71 + tax you pay
Get back $5.99 ECB

There is a Limit of 1 on this, so save your $5.99 ECB for next week.

RevitaLens ocutec Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution 4 fl oz (120 ml)

To review, spend .29 + tax and get (2) Crest/Scope/or Floss items and (1) $1.00 item; have $3.29 ECB left for next week sale.
Or, spend $2.00 + tax and get (2) Crest/Scope/or Floss items, (1) $1.00 item, and (1) Revitalens; have $5.99 ECB left for next week sale.

*There is another deal to get a free Oral-B Battery toothbrush, but it really doesn't fit into the above scenarios really well, unless you want to lose some money. You can decide if it's worth it if you want a Battery toothbrush I guess.
After the Crest deal, you can get an Oral-B Cross Action power toothbrush.
-3.00 coupon from the P&G insert this coming weekend
= 3.00 + tax

Since your ECB is $3.29, you either ask them to enter it for $3.00, causing you to lose .29, or you buy a .29 filler item, which there really isn't any. Maybe you can find some Valentines clearance. If not, I think the next cheapest thing is the individually wrapped caramel candies they keep on the checkout counter for .33 cents. So you have to use .29 plus .04 cents more for the candy.

So pay with your $3.29 ECB, and get a $3.00 ECB back.
Again, there is a Limit of 2, so you can get another, use the $3.00 coupon and $3.00 ECB and pay only tax.

Now when you go to buy your Revitalens and pay with the $3.00 ECB, you owe .29 more than before.
So basically it costs you .58, but maybe that's worth it to you to get a couple of these brushes.


Cheap&Sweet said...

Well you just got me excited about next week @ Cvs We could use all 3 items! Think I might start my husband a card this week and get the jelly beans and cadbury to give me a head start on next week.

Melissa said...

Don't forget the Colgate deal this week.

Cheap&Sweet said...

See this is why you are my favorite blog :-) I would never have remembered the colgate.

Oh and I lol about the wags ppl calling the popo if you asked them to adjust a Q. I was rolling I really was.