Saturday, December 22, 2012


Believe it or not, this is nearly $200.00 worth of groceries.

I paid 46¢, including tax.

How I did it was a lot thanks to the $5/$30+ Target coupon, which most of my local stores take. Since I drive 30 miles, give or take, to the next town to shop, I make a roundabout trip back home that takes me past three more P stores.
At each store I tried to "spend" around $30.00 worth of my list. I'm not too good at it, or I would have figured I really only needed to spend $25.00, and then get $5.00 more worth of something I needed and didn't have a coupon for like the ground beef, chili mixes, pizza fixings, etc.

The vitamins and Whiskas treats gave a good bit of overage this week. My first couple of Mayo's and a few other things gave some overage also.
Visit or Southern Savers to see the match-ups and coupons.

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