Friday, February 1, 2013

Kroger Mega Sale

Went today to finish the last of my Kroger Mega Sale shopping for this week.

Before I continue, if you don't already know, Kroger has been having something like "Free Coupon Friday" for the past couple of weeks, and we got the Carnation Essentials Breakfast and Egg Beaters free.

TODAY 2/01 ONLY you can load a coupon to your Kroger card for a free pack of Orbit or 5 gum
The coupon doesn't expire until 2/16, but you can only load it today only.

The Carnation Essentials Breakfast powder was free with ecoupon, as was the Egg Beaters.

(2) Diet Pepsi 2L 89¢ (Mega Price)
-.50/1 Diet Pepsi IP (Zip 10123)
= Free

(1) Sister Shubert Rolls $2.49 (Mega)
- .50/1 MQ All You Magazine (?)
= $1.49

(4) Jose Ole Taquitoes $2.49 (Mega)
- $3.00/2 IP (Facebook)
= 99¢ each

(4) Pringles 99¢ (Mega)
- $1.00/4  1/27 RP
= 74¢ each

(5) Chi-Chi's Flour Tortillas $1.49 (Mega)
- .50/1 1/06 SS
= 49¢ each

(3) Birdseye $1.49 (Mega)
- .50/1 1/13 SS or IP
= 49¢ each

(5) Kraft BBQ Sauce 49¢ each (Mega)

(1) French's Mustard 99¢ (Mega)
- .30/1 IP
= 39¢

(2) Hefty Ziplock Bags 99¢ (Mega)
- $1.50/2 11/11 RP
= 24¢ each

Ground Chuck $4.07, because I needed it and I was there.

Original Total $98.31
Total Spent $16.64

I visited Walgreens (different store than the other day) to try to get the rest of the cereal I was planning to buy this week, but they hadn't restocked yet. I ended up buying 5 boxes of Multi-Grain and Chocolate Cheerios, and will take them back and exchange them for cereal we want like Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs next week.

I needed a small (read: cheap) filler item for my coupon count, and I picked up another Valentines pencil but decided to look around and see if they had anything else.  I don't have a need for those pencils, and would rather spend a little more on something I need or could use.

I saw a lot of orange tags on the sock/panty hose aisle, and they had some really good deals! I saw little girls' tights for 39¢ or 49¢, knee high stockings for 39¢, panty hose for 69¢, footy hose things 99¢, and lots more.

I found this package of 6 pairs of no-show socks for $1.99, regular priced $7.99.  I wear socks all the time, so this was a way better deal for me than another pencil.


By the way, all my purchases today were actually ABSOLUTELY FREE thanks to the Duracell Battery deal I did back around Christmas.

Starting in November up until around or about Christmas, Staples had 100% Rewards back, and Office Max had (99.99%?) "Get Duracell Batteries for 1¢ After Max Perks".

In addition, there was a Duracell Rebate, "Get a $25.00 pre-paid Visa card WYB $100.00 in Duracell".
So I bought $100.00 worth of the Free or 1¢ After Rewards Batteries, got my money back in Rewards/Perks, and got a $25.00 Rebate.

I used that $25.00 pre-paid Visa to make my purchases today. It was free money, so it made my purchases today free!

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