Monday, June 24, 2013

Kroger (6/23-6-29)

This week (and next) Kroger is having a Buy 10, get $5.00 off Mega Sale. (Here in the South the sale started yesterday, June 23rd. I believe it starts Wednesday in other Regions, so check your Region.)

I find the majority of my shopping lists from I Heart Kroger and Southern Savers. Check out those sites for the complete shopping ad with coupon matchups.

Kraft BBQ Sauce is on sale at my store 10/$10, or $1.00 each. Apparently at some stores, or in some other Region these are included in the Mega Sale, which makes them 50¢.
- $1.00/2 IP coupon*
= 50¢ or Free if included in Mega Sale

*If you don't have a Swagbucks account, be sure and sign up. You get points when you redeem your coupons and can cash them in for gift cards or paypal cash.

Countrytime and Koolaid Powdered Drink mix are 99¢ Mega Sale price
- $1.00/2 IP coupon
= 49¢ each

Some Big G cereals are $1.99 Mega Sale price
- .50/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch IP coupon (My store doubles up to 50¢ coupons) = 99¢ each
- .60/1 Trix IP coupon = $1.39 each
- $1.00/2 Big G Cereals IP Coupon = $1.49 each (Lucky Charms)

*I missed out on some more savings because the digital/card/online savings things are aggrivating for me to use. I need to work on that and quit spending more than I have to, though.
50¢ Cinnamon Toast Crunch Savingstar
50¢ Trix Savingstar
Unlike Kroger or Cellfire, you can use coupons and get the Savingstar deposit also.
There were also some Kroger and Cellfire ecoupons I could have used if I'd wanted to buy more boxes.

Totino's Pizzas are 79¢ Mega Sale price
- $1.00/3 IP Coupon (Facebook) = 46¢ each

I had a brain-toot and was thinking the Kraft BBQ sauce was part of the Mega Sale, which it wasn't at my store, so I ended up 4 items short and had to run find something quick.
About the cheapest Mega Sale items they had were 99¢ and the Green Giant Steamers seemed to be the best buy for my money.

Breyers is $2.49 Mega Sale Price, and Popsicles are 10/$10, or $1.00 each.
There's a Catalina Deal for buying (4) participating items and getting a $2.00 off your next order coupon back.

The larger size Popsicles were marked, but the 8-10 count weren't, so I thought maybe they weren't included. But then the Breyers weren't marked either. These little photo ads rarely list everything that's included, and sometimes the smaller sizes are.
So I took the gamble and bought the smaller sized Popsicles...and did not get the $2.00 catalina.

These Beech-nut Fruities drinks? smoothies? are regular price $1.00 each
- $1.00 Beech-nut Stage 4 item IP coupon
- .50 Beech-nut Stage 4 item IP coupon (My store doubles up to 50¢ coupons)
= Free

I don't have babies or little kids but I can get these free and give them to people I know that do have little kids or even donate them to the local food bank who I know would really appreciate getting them.

Clorox Bleach is $1.49 Mega Sale price
- .50 IP coupon (Give a Review)
(My store doubles up to 50¢ coupons)
= .49¢ each

The Comet 2x cleanser is $1.39 regular price
- .50 IP Coupon (My store doubles up to 50¢ coupons)
= 39¢*

*These had a Try-Me-Free rebate sticker on top of the bottle so I can submit my receipt(s) and get the full purchase price back, making it $1.00 profit on each.
Limit one rebate per household. If you have more than one address, buy in separate transactions or get a Rebate receipt printed.

The Southeast Regions 4-day Sale started yesterday, Sunday June 23rd and goes through Wednesday the 26th (odd, it usually starts Wednesday).
Bounty Durabrand paper towels single roll are 10/$10, or $1.00 each
- .25 mq from the 5-12 PG coupon insert (My store doubles up to 50¢ coupons)
= 50¢ each

Cost before Mega/Sale and Coupons: $108.72 
Total spent $33.08 + 1.73 tax

Saved $75.64, or about 70% savings

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