Saturday, September 6, 2014

Walgreens week of 8/31 - 9/6

On Monday, my son had some errands to run so I went along and made a stop into Walgreens while we were out.

This week Morton Epsom Salt is $4.00, get $4.00 RR (Register Reward), making it free after reward.

I was interested in the Doritos, on sale for $1.99 during a 4-day Labor Day sale, the Big G cereal on sale for $1.99, and the Brach's candy on sale 2/$3.00.

As I was planning to buy the sale items anyway, I went ahead and bought a package of the Epsom Salt since it was free, and used the $4.00 RR I got back on the rest of my order.

Total approx (lost or threw away the receipt) $9.00 + tax.

Another deal I had been looking to get was the Scope Mouthwash, on sale for $2.99, and get a $2.50 RR. 
I printed 75¢ off 1 coupons, which means in the end I made 26¢ profit on each bottle.

I bought Epsom salt, then used the $4.00 RR to buy the Scope and (2) bags of candy, then used the $2.50 RR from the Scope to buy another bag of Epsom salt, three times. 

The OFF! Mosquito Clip-on is on sale for $4.99, and the refill package for $2.99.
At there is a $4.00/1 printable coupon for the Clip-on, and a $2.00/1 coupon for the refills, making these 99¢ each.

Total $12.42 (including tax)

*There were some other deals, mainly a Pantene deal, that required coupons from newspaper inserts, which I didn't have as I haven't bought papers in a few months and have just been depending on printables the little bit that I've gone shopping.

**I didn't buy more Big G cereal since they are $1.49 at Kroger with the Mega sale this week, which didn't start until Wednesday, so I didn't know about it on Monday.

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