Monday, March 12, 2012


We got an Aldi! (When I say we, I mean the next town over, about 30 miles away, not here in Podunkville). It's brand new, just opened Thursday past. There are other Aldi's around but I've never been to any of them, so this was my first time.
I read on the internet about needing a quarter to get a buggy and bringing my own bags (or having to buy them if I wanted bags, no way jose'!) so I was prepared for that. (I hate going anywhere not knowing about the place and being unprepared for new and different things.)

The cereal was about 30¢ cheaper than Kroger's store brand I have been buying here lately (going to Kroger for $2.99 milk), but I don't know yet how they taste to know if it was worth it or not.
On the subject of milk, Aldi's is $1.99 a gallon compared to Kroger's $2.99 on sale. I bought 4 gallons that were already put in the fridge before I took this pic.

I bought some 75¢ hot dogs but don't know how they are going to taste.
Found some 29¢ frozen beef and bean burritos my kids like to pop in the microwave if I decide not to feed them.
Oreo-like cookies were about $1.00 cheaper, and I saved about 50¢ on the chocolate milk syrup and the corn chips.
The vinegar was 99¢ and the refried beans were 79¢ which I'm not sure was cheaper than other stores, but if not, at least not more expensive.
I also got a 2-ltr Cola at 59¢ to see how it tastes (but I'm not sure where it is at the moment).

The breads were 89¢, about a dime cheaper than around here. I wouldn't drive out of my way to go buy it, but if I'm there anyway, good savings.

The best deals, of course were the produce.
The sale ad on strawberries this week said they were 79¢ per pack, then I read on a local message board someone had paid 69¢, but today they were 50¢ per pack so I guess they go down in price as they age or something?
We bought 8 packs of them, but I'm thinking I should go back and get more. I gave 7 of the packs to my son who loves, loves, loves strawberries and told his gf how to wash, slice and freeze them and he can eat them frozen like a treat, or use them in smoothies.
My one pack I brought home and sliced up and added a cup of water and a 1/2 cup of sugar and boiled it to make a topping for strawberry shortcakes. I wasn't sure how that was going to work out is why I didn't invest in a lot of the berries, but it turned out good, so I think for 50¢ a pack I can make a whole big batch of it and freeze in quart size freezer bags for desserts later, when strawberries aren't as cheap.

The bag of onions was only 59¢ for 3lbs, bag of carrots were 49¢, cabbage was 69¢ each, lettuce 99¢ each, the cantaloupes were 99¢ each, the bag of oranges (there were 8 or 9 in the bag) were $1.49, and the bag of grapefruit (6 in the bag) was only 79¢.

I quartered the oranges and halved the grapefruit and froze those, too. I didn't really know you could freeze citrus until a few months ago when my youngest son was running Cross Country and one of the Moms brought way too many quartered oranges to one of the meets. No one knew if they would freeze, but I brought them home and put them in the freezer because even if they didn't freeze well they weren't going to be any good a week later at the mext meet anyway.
Turned out they did fine. I didn't know when to take them out to thaw, and they were still partially frozen when I took them to the meet and the kids actually liked them even better.

They also had whole pineapples for 99¢. I went to Kroger after and saw theirs was on sale for $1.99.

Including my four gallons of milk, I also bought my son a gallon, plus the 7 packs of strawberries, onions, carrots, lettuce, pineapple, tortilla chips and corn chips.

All totaled including tax was $55.81.

The produce prices just amaze me! I can't believe other stores charge the prices they do, that big chains like Kroger, Publix or Walmart can't negotiate these same kind of deals on produce.

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