Monday, March 12, 2012


My husband has to take an allergy pill every night, so last night he threw an empty bottle of Rite Aid's Cetrizine away and I went to look for some more and - gasp! - we didn't have any more, of any kind!

Lucky for me, CVS has 5ct Zyrtec free after ECBs this week, so I can about a months worth (using my family's cards).

The CVS I went to today didn't have any on the shelf, but I happened to have a Raincheck from a sale on the CVS brand allergy relief from last September so I picked up a box of those.
I asked for a raincheck on the Zyrtec, but turned out they had some in a bin right there in the front that I had walked right by. Duh.

The CVS allergy was $3.69, free after ECBs, so I went ahead and bought those. Got a $4.00 ECB, because when they print them for rainchecks it rounds up.

I had a $3.00 off any Zyrtec from an allergy booklet I found in CVS a few months ago, so my Zyrtec was only costing me $2.99 instead of $5.99.
I wanted to spend the $4.00 ECB so I needed another $1.01 worth of product.
I found green sweet peas on clearance 2/$1.00.  So happened, sweet peas were on my shopping list.
I lost a penny, but that's okay.

I also saw the Kraft Parmesan cheese is on sale this week 2/$5.00. So happens Parmesan cheese was the other thing on my shopping list. This stuff is regularly $5.29 each, so I'm going to be looking to stock up on this this week. Or, at least, stocking up on rainchecks, like I had to get today.
Otherwise I would have spent my $5.99 ECB on (2) Parmesan cheese and (2) sweet peas and been happy, happy, happy!

Trans #1:
$3.69 CVS allergy tabs
    .26 tax
= $3.95 from CVS Cash card earned from the Buy $30 get $10 Coke deal awhile back
Got $4.00 ECB = + 5¢ profit

Trans #2:
$5.99 Zyrtec 5ct
$1.00/2 sweet peas
   .20 tax
-3.00 Zyrtec coupon
-4.00 ECB (3.99)
= .20 oop
Got $5.99 ECB Zyrtec & $1.00 ECB green bag tag = + $2.84 profit
(A $2.84 profit will bring the cost of my parmesan cheese down to about $2.16, or $1.08 each. WOW!)

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