Friday, April 27, 2012


I saw last week the Kotex U Sleek Tampons were going to be free after coupon and RR this week, so I jumped on eBay and ordered 20 coupons. I think I paid $2.49 with free shipping.

I use Kotex tampons, and I like the orignal U tampons we got last year (or year before) when they were new, later on my lighter days.  These new ones are called Sleek. I'm not sure what's new and different about them, but I like Kotex, I like U, and I like Free, so it was a deal I wanted in on.

Then, this morning I checked my go-to-for-info Board for any last minute intel, and found out the RR was rolling for a lot of people. That would be fantastic if it worked for me because I didn't have anything I wanted to roll or spend 20 $3.00 RR's on.

So I bought one and got my $3.00 RR, then bought another one with some clearance Jello as my filler, to be able to use the MQ and the RR. The cashier informed me it wouldn't print another RR if I used that one, but I told her that was Okay.
I was happy and she was surprised when another $3.00 RR came rolling out.

Bad thing was, I went without any real plans for fillers, and I looked around and couldn't find anything for less than .39¢ Jello, and I didn't really want to spend .39¢ on Jello I sure as heck don't need.

So at the next Wags store, my son had some photos on his phone so we printed photos, which are on sale this week for .15¢ each with coupon code 6221.
I've heard of people using photos as fillers, but hadn't done it myself before, and I have to say, they were less than enthusiastic with me making separate orders in order to buy 1 per transaction.
That didn't stop me, though.

At the next Wags we went to, they had the Walk for Walgreens blocks. They'd only let me get one per person, so luckily my son was with me.  They rang up a penny, but thenshe put in a code and deleted it, so my RR beeped as being too many coupons/ not enough items. I managed to talk her into leaving the penny charge on, but she was really scared she was going to get into trouble for it.

I still have 8 more coupons I hope to be able to use up tomorrow. I wanted to come home and get some pictures off my computer I would like to have printed. I'd like to do the orders online and just pick them up at the store, but since I never know when I'm going to run into trouble with Managers or scared/hateful/jealous cashiers, I don't know which stores I'll end up being able to do my shopping in. Most likely I'll end up shopping 2 or 3 different stores again.
Because none of my local Wags like to actually make sales. They'd prefer to keep their stock, as to let someone get a good deal.

(I hate to be so constantly negative about my shopping adventures, but that's what my shopping experiences are 99% of the time - negative. The cashiers are surly and the Managers think you're scamming. I get sick to my stomach and have to force myself to go shopping these days. Many days, I just chalk it up to "not worth it" and won't even go.)


Melissa Kelly said...

Wish I had a Walgreen close to's like a 25-30 minute drive...Love this blog..Is it a new one?

Melissa said...

I think the nearest Walgreens to me is about 20 minutes. Used to be worth the drive, but then they started giving me such a hard time, and I never know if my q's will be refused or if I'll be limited to 1, which isn't worth the gas I spent to get there.
So I don't much go unless I happen to be going past it, going somewhere I was already going anyway.

Nope, same old one. I'm not doing much coupon/deal shopping these days, so not having much to post here. I haven't even bothered to change the Winter background to something warmer.