Friday, April 27, 2012

Walmart Zyrtec

OMG, I let us run out of Zyrtec/Cetrazine/Allergy Meds a couple of weeks ago. Luckily the Allergy count stayed low enough to not send my hubby running to the Doc with sinus infection until I could get some more. 

I didn't post last week (because I was in a state of disorganization) but I got a couple of packs of these 5ct. Zyrtec from CVS using Rainchecks from a previous FAECB sale.

Then I caught a break at Publix, the last day of the last green flyer, there was a $4.00 off Allegra PQ and I printed a $5.00 MQ, so I got a box of 30ct for $7.99, I think it was. 
(I prefer Allegra as it's non-drowsy, and the Zyrtec knocks me out. Even if I take it at night, I sleep all the day the next day.) 

Then I saw the deal with the $4.00 off Zyrtec coupons making these 5ct. .76¢ at Target (last week) or $1.27 at Walmart. I got some coupons but didn't make to Target last week.
So while we were out today we stopped in a Walmart to see if we could use them.

I'd read that people were having trouble, they would beep, they got the old "It's limit 1 per purchase"/transaction mistake, or cashiers/managers insisting that 5ct. was Trial size.

The coupons didn't "beep", but did ask something on the register, I couldn't see what it was. Anyway, the cashiers just hit a key and it went through without them giving me a bit of trouble.

I paid about $26.25 (including pre-coupon tax) for 16 packs, or 80 pills, which comes out to about .32 per pill. (As opposed to $1.13 per pill regular price)

*Disclaimer: The above Math figures may be wrong, because I stink at Math!

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