Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I was headed out for my weekly or bi-weekly (sometimes I don't go every week) grocery shopping trip to Aldi's today, and I wanted to stop in at Walmart to buy some storage tubs/bins.

I've been working this summer on my de-hoarding, and running into trouble with my Sentimental Stuff, so I decided to quit fighting with it. I get rid of what I can, I aim for at least 50% of the stuff, and the rest I'm putting in tubs and into the attic.
Years ago, when we moved into this house, I was actively "collecting" stuff, and never getting rid of anything. (I'm not technically a Hoarder, and I don't keep things like garbage, junk mail, dirty diapers, dead cats, etc. The Stuff I'm talking about is for example the kids toys, their school papers and art work, Dollar Store knick knacks, vacation memorabilia, craft supplies, and such like that.)

Anyway, when we moved in here, I put a lot of my things in boxes out in the storage room, with the intentions of going through it eventually.
Eventually was a good 10 years later, and I ended up not caring a thing about most of it and getting rid of it. So I hope that's what will happen with the stuff in the attic later on.

Either that, or it'll be up to the boys to have to deal with it.

Since I was going to Walmart anyway, I decided to check and see what kind of deals I could get while I was there.

Other sites reported the Jif Hazlenut spread  for around $1.27 or $1.50, with a $1/1 Printable coupon.
My WM didn't have it at all, at any price.

I needed cat food, and had a $1.00 MQ from the 9/30 RP.
This big bag was $8.97, and had a $1.00 off any Pounce Treats peelie on it. They had a small jar and some small bags of Pounce for 98¢, so I got those free + 2¢ overage.
Total was $7.95 for food and treats.

Another site reported Head & Shoulders shampoo at $2.67, but all the bottles on the shelf were $4.00+.
I ran across this 6.8 oz bottle with the clearance items, for $1.50.
I used the $2.00 MQ from the PG 9/30 to get it free with 50¢ overage.

These Farm Rich snack boxes were priced $2.17 at my store. I used $3/2 Printable Coupons, making them 67¢ per box.

I price matched the Campbell's Chicken Noodle and Tomato soups with Walgreens 59¢ price, then used .40/3 Printable coupons, making them 46¢ each.

There was a $2.00 off Kaytee ( Product in the RP 9/30, they are items for Birds and Small Pets.
There was bird treats as low as $2.08 and Small Pet items around $2.14. These Apple Sticks were $1.98, so I got them free plus 2¢ overage.
I don't have any birds or small pets, but they were free, so why not. I'm sure I can find someone on my FB roster that could use these.

Estracell sponges are 96¢ a 2 pk. I used the $1/2 MQ from the RP 9/30, making them 46¢ each.

I bought several other things while I was there, too, sans coupon, like OJ, pizza crust mix and sauce, candy, canned ham.....

My original subtotal was $39.36, down to $25.56 after coupons, so I saved a total of $13.80.

And storage tubs/bins never even once crossed my mind while I was in there. lol

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