Saturday, July 28, 2012


Here in the South, you know we drink a lot of Tea. So when I find it on sale, I stock up.

This week (ending today) Ingles has Tetley tea on sale BOGO.

There were coupons in one of June inserts, which I don't have any (and didn't think to look for any to buy from the coupon sellers)(and anyway, I never did really learn how to use coupons at Ingles). So, I paid more for mine that I should have, but despite all that, I'm still happy with the deal I got.

Last year when I stocked up they were $1.98 a box, which worked out to 99¢ each after BOGO.
When I got my paper this week, it said "Save $2.38", making them $1.19 a box. Not a good as 99¢, but still better than $2.38 for one box, which is what I would have to pay if I ran out while they weren't on sale.

So I get to the store, and the sign reads "$1.98 BOGO". Woot!
I get 10 and my son gets 10 and we check out, but then my total came up to over $12.00 with tax.
My math skills suck bad, but even I knew it should have been less than $10.00 plus tax, which was only 36¢.

The receipt showed that I was charged $1.98 for the first box, but then it only took off 79¢ rather than 99¢ for the BOGO.
The Manager agreed it rang up wrong and gave us each (1) box free because of the right price guarantee, and then refunded the 20¢ per box we were overcharged.

I figured it up when I got home and the $1.98 - 79¢ made them cost $1.19 per box, same as the "Save $2.38" in the ad, but I don't think they can do that, advertise one price in the store, and charge another.

In the end, I paid about 83¢ each.

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