Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kroger Mega Sale Week 2

Between last week and this we got some new coupons and deals that paired great with the Kroger Mega Sale going on.

I was happy to see the Cool Whip coupons so I could stock up at half price instead of having to buy at full price when I needed some.

I was ecstatic to see the marshmallow coupons since I was planning to buy them anyway! Unfortunately all three stores I visited yesterday were completely out of stock, so I guess I'll have to try again later in the week.

I bought the Stove Top Stuffings because they were 29¢ each, but I'll probably give them to my Mom.

Total Spent $52.44
Total Saved coupons/sale $157.83

I wasn't going to buy the Jell-O pudding cups because 89¢ wasn't that great of a deal to me, we're not huge pudding eaters, but then a new catalina deal started on these yesterday. If you buy (4) you get a $3.00 OYNO coupon back, making these only 24¢ a pack with the $1/2 printable, insert or blinkie coupon. I couldn't pass them up for that cheap. Apparently I can put them in the freezer and turn them into a frozen treat like Pudding Pops.

The Mrs. Smith's pies were a good deal if you like/eat/buy frozen pies. These are regularly $6.99, on sale for $2.99 with the Mega sale. There's a $1.00 printable coupon making them $1.99.
I make what pies we eat, so I wasn't interested in the pie at $1.99.

But then someone discovered a catalina deal that gives you a $2.00 OYNO coupon when you buy a pie and a Kroger brand bowl of Whipped Topping.  The Kroger whipped topping costs $1.00, so it and a pie costs $2.99 after coupon. Then you get the $2.00 OYNO coupon back, making the pie and whipped topping cost a total of 99¢. Sweet deal!
(I would say just in time for Thanksgiving but with all the delicious homemade desserts my Mom and Aunt and Son is (are?) making, frozen pies would probably go over like a lead balloon, lol. These will probably end up going to the fire station with the hubby.)

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