Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kindle Fire HD 8.9"

Mom has been wanting to get one of the new, larger screen Kindle Fires. This one is a nice price at $229.00, considering we paid $199 for the non-HD, 7" original Kindle Fire.

The catch is you get ads and special offers on the lock screen, and some small text ad in the lower corner of the home screen. Many of the apps we use, game apps, have advertising so we're used to it, and they don't interfere with reading or watching movies. So not a bad deal.

Otherwise it's $244.00 if you want to opt out of the ads. Which is still a nice price. I'm not sure if they'll get any cheaper closer to Christmas.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB - Includes Special Offers

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