Sunday, December 4, 2011

Photo Cards 33% off at Walgreens

While we were all together at Thanksgiving I had a family picture taken so I could have some of these photo cards made for Christmas. I received several of these from my family last year and really enjoyed getting them, so I thought I might enjoy sending one of our own. 

I've been with sick young'uns for the past couple of weeks and haven't paid much attention to photo deals, and I meant to order these last week, but I have trouble making decisions. There were sooooo many beautiful designs I couldn't make up my mind.

Since I plan on shopping Walgreens this week - since I have alot of RRs to spend/roll - I checked out their photo dept and found they have a code for 33% off photo cards this week.
A set of 20 4x8 photo cards is regularly $12.99, so with the code JOLLY33, I was able to get them for $8.70. That's .43/.44 per card, before tax, and I can pick them up in the store as early as tomorrow morning (since I ordered them at nearly 11:30pm tonight and they aren't open).

I compared with Walmart, which charges .44 each for 1-hour developing, so I got the same deal, and I can pay with RRs. Yay!

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