Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I thought about titling this post "Walgreens-Wake-Up-Call-Woman-What-The-Heck-Are-You-Doing?"

IIRC, I wasn't planning on getting back into this game. I only started going back to shopping the sales to be able to get good deals on stuff I need and use. If there happened to be a FARR or MM deal then I would get that deal, but only to the point that the money I paid for it, turned around and paid for the items that I was actually there for.
Apparently I lost my head when there was all the MM Black Friday deals.

I made profit, but then, instead of spending it on all the good deals there are this week, I became more concerned with rolling them, to the point I was rolling on just free stuff. Which of course isn't free, since it costs me tax.

Other than the (5) dozen of eggs I managed to get on Monday, I otherwise should have waited until today to shop. Today starts a 4-day sale with more items I was looking for and a MM deal.

At the first store I shopped, I started by rolling some older RRs into Top Speed nail polish, which was only FARR and Beauty Book coupon.
(This is a MM deal for others who've been able to find the Revlon tearpads. My stores rarely put out the coupons anymore, choosing to keep them behind the counter so they can pick and choose who they share them with.  I asked my BA about them today and was told no, she didn't have any....well, she did, but they were only for the new items on the cases, not the stuff from back there. Since there was Top Speed nail polish in both locations I wanted to make sure it wasn't the coupon I was looking for, but she simply insisted it was not, and wouldn't bring one out.)

I was then going to roll my Top Speed RRs into a few more of the Optimum Care hair relaxer, and then roll those RRs into the Wet personal lubricant.
However, I was told they couldn't accept the Optimum Care coupons because they were "clearly copied from an original".

Long story short, a Manager, the BA, and some other employee who felt her input was valuable and neccessary insist that ALL IP coupons are a limit of one per computer.
Of course I attempted - why the hell I even bother, I don't know - they are always right - to explain to them that not all coupons are limited to one or two prints, and that these were printed from the manufacturer's website and I had not copied them.

Same with the Wet coupons. The Manager had the nerve to stand there in my face and tell me that "one of them was printed, the others are copies".

I lost my cool a little bit, but I didn't cuss (or at least I don't think I did. Her ass didn't go all up on her shoulders). I told her I would have to contact Corporate about this. She said "Go ahead", as if daring me.

After writing to both Walmart and Publix last week and getting ignored, I probably would have figured she was right about it: Go ahead, call 'em, they ain't gonna care.

But then the BA told me she had gotten in trouble for accepting the Optimum Care coupons I had used on Monday and that's BS. She didn't do anything wrong - I didn't do anything wrong. This asshole Manager is wrong, and everyone else is having to pay for her ignorance.

I will be heard this time.

Anyway, I left there, drove another nearly 30 miles away, and was able to do my deals at another store without any problems.

$5.99 Wet Lube = $5.99 RR
-1.00 IP
= $1.00 mm

99¢ Bumblebee canned chicken w/ in-ad IVC

3/$2 (66¢ each) Nice! or Walgreens snack nuts w/ in-ad IVC

$1.50/3 Nestle singles candy
- 75¢ IVC from Dec booklet = .75/3
- .79 B2G1 Tearpad
= +.04¢

$6.99 Optimum Care hair relaxer = $5.00 RR
- 2.00 PDF (no longer available)

$3.99 Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish = $3.00 RR
- 1.00 Revlon Wags Q Simply Stunnning Beauty Book

(Haven't done totals. Not sure I want to know.)

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