Monday, December 5, 2011

Tiny Treats

Remember my tiny cake from a few posts ago?

I was spending some time on Pinterest earlier and ran across a picture for Elf Donuts. How cute, and how perfect to go with all the Elf-on-the-Shelfs everyone (but me) seems to have.

Made from Cheerios dipped in chocolate and sprinkles,
confectioners sugar, and cinnamon-sugar!
I had to check out the Site where the picture originally came from, and found even more Tiny Treats.

Oreo cookies and frosting!
Tiny pizza
Watermelon made from jello, mini-choc-chips in a lime half.
All these Tiny Treats and more came from a book by American Girl called Tiny Treats. I have got to get myself one of these books. Then I guess I'll have to bring my neices up to make tiny treats with me, because my boys just look at me like I'm a loonatic. They don't know what's wrong with normal sized food. Psshh, they don't know how to have fun.

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