Monday, December 30, 2013

Let FREEdom Ring

 I've been a member of Shop Your Way rewards through Kmart - and Sears, although I forget Sears is part of it most of them time - for a few years. But I shop(ped) at Kmart so rarely, I didn't pay much attention to the ads and emails.

Until I realized they were giving me Free "Surprise" Money, and I was just basically throwing it away, letting it expire. After I realized that, I started paying a lot closer attention.
It's easy to go online and place an order, then pick the stuff up when I'm out and about next time.

Anyway, this week I got a "Surprise" 10,000 points, which is the equivalent of $10.00, to be spent at Sears.
(Some of the "Surprise" money has stipulations like 4,000 surprise points off $20 worth of clothing or some such.)
This one, though, the only stipulation was it was to be spent at Sears.

I could have went online and ordered something and picked it up later, but I needed to go up there anyway, so I just went by Sears while I was in town.

Didn't know what I was going to buy, looked around a bit, then came across these boots.
On sale for $9.99.
Are you kidding me?? Boot love.
FREE boot love, even better.
Didn't even have to pay tax. Walked out with an absolutely 100% FREE pair of brand new boots.

Lowe's sent a coupon in the mail for a free 8oz. sample jar of Valspar paint. It's actually larger than it looks.
I got this lovely - blue'ish color...can't remember the exact name of it - with visions of Pinterest Pallet wood projects dancing in my head.

Sam's Club sent a coupon to get a Free $5.00 Gift Card.
I could have gotten some marked down Christmas doo-dads, or a box of cookies or something for Free, but I decided to put it towards something we use the heck out of and I buy a lot of - Sugar.
25 pound bags of sugar cost $10.19 at Sam's (that's like 40¢ a pound, like $2.00 a 5lb bag, cheaper than Walmarts).
After $5.00 Gift Card, I paid $5.19 + 20¢ tax (like 22¢ pound)

We are Sam's Club members only because of a fantastic Groupon deal last March (which was offered again around Thanksgiving) where (if I remember rightly) we paid the $45.00 membership, but then got a $20.00 or $25.00 Gift Card back, plus like $15.00 worth of Free Food coupons - cookies, pizza, rotisserie chicken, can't remember what else.
Anyway it was like $5.00 membership after the Gift Card and Free Food, but they've sent a couple of coupons for a free $5.00 Gift Card so our membership has been better than free.

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