Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014

It's another New Year, and another chance for new beginnings.

Although, every day is another chance for new beginnings. You don't have to wait until a New Year, or a new Season, or even a Monday. If you have something you need to do or a change you need to make, start today. Every little bit helps.

For instance, I start a financial plan at the New Year and stick to it, oh, maybe two months before I lose interest. I could consider that a failure for the rest of the year, or I could see it as two months I watched the money and spending as opposed to no months.

Even if I don't stick with it, it's good practice for the rest of the year as I'm always looking for ways to save, cut spending, re-use, make-do, and so on.

I am happy to report that we're starting this year off with Dave Ramsey's Baby Step #1 - Having a $1000 Emergency Fund banked. (Although I'm afraid we're going to need it as soon as tax time. Ugh.)

Also, I'm challenging myself to doing a 52 Week Money Challenge to save more this year:

I have $1.00 saved! Yay!

I like to start out a New Year challenging myself to my version of "zero spending", where I earn what I spend on my deal or thrift shopping, or crafty or organization type projects. (Gas and regular groceries remain a household expense.)

So far I've earned $40.00 from cashing in Swagbucks I'd been accumulating over the past several months.
I got a $25.00 cash deposit in my Paypal account,
(2) $5.00 CVS e-gift cards, and
(1) $5.00 Amazon e-gift card.

That was me hardly even trying to get points. I had tried earlier in the year and got tired of trying to do surveys and watching videos.
At that time I didn't know all about turning SBTV on my phone and letting it go all day earning bucks. I actually did that last night while I slept, and woke up to about 40 more SBs than I'd gone to sleep with.
I think I could have gotten up to 50 bucks, but I didn't plug my phone in and it died.

Anyway, I watched some other videos on the Swagbucks page and did some searching, and reached my daily goal of 80 bucks in about 2 hours. I got bonus bucks for that, and will get more bonus bucks if I meet the daily goal every day.

I also have $17.74 earnings at Inbox Dollars...again, without hardly even trying. I click on emails and do a survey every so often.
I plan to devote a little more time to it and see if I can do better. If I spent half the time working on this as I do on Facebook, I could probably earn a good bit.

Need to check my affiliate accounts and update links I've let expire and so on.

There's a million ways to earn money on the internet. Some people can even make a living at it. I'm more small taters. If I could just cover my little expenditures and adventures I'd be happy. (For now.)

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