Monday, January 20, 2014

Food Lion & Publix

I had a $10.00 OYNO coupon from when I shopped the Brand Sale week before last that was expiring and I needed to spend.
Iceberg lettuce 99¢
3lb Gala Apples $2.99
Bananas 57¢ lb.
Muffin Mix on sale 69¢ each
Yellow Rice 69¢ each
Pizza Crust Mix 99¢ each (ow! Kilt me to pay that, when Walmart has it for 52¢)
= $10.19, paid 19¢ cash

Publix didn't have much to interest me this week, but a coupon for $1.00 off the Hawaiin Punch bottles popped up last week, and they're on sale this month for $1.99, so only 99¢ each after coupon.

The Gorton's Fish planks, portions, patties, sticks are BOGO $6.49, with a 50¢ off coupon in the 1/05 SS. My Publix doubles, so it made these $2.25/$2.24 each.

I was thinking it was going to be the regular size boxes, which was an okay, but not that great of a deal. I generally pay $2.99 a box at Aldi, so this was some less, but not a lot less.
Until I saw it was actually the big size bags of fish, so that made the deal a whole lot better. I might go back and stock up on a few more if I get out again this week.

My final total including tax was $6.66.
I was afraid I wasn't going to make it home!  I really wanted to buy something else and change the total, but the cashier was too busy trying to help someone else to pay any more attention to me. So well.

I did make it home ok, though.

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