Sunday, January 5, 2014

Walgreens 1/05

Wags has eggs on sale for 99¢ this week. That's about the cheapest I even find them so I buy up a few.
Not as many as I would like to, because I understand they go bad after so long.
          I read where you can break eggs open into an ice tray and freeze them individually for longer term storage, which might be an idea I'll try in the future, since we go through a lot of scrambled and beaten eggs around here.

Otherwise, I was looking for deals on freezer bags.

I can't totally remember if Dollar Tree has Hefty bags or not.
Otherwise, I saw (on a shopper site) that Walmart has 15 ct. boxes for $1.96.
Which breaks down to just over 13¢ a bag.

Walgreens has Hefty bags on sale B1G1 Free this week, but no price was listed.
At the Wags I went in to, they were $3.29, for 13 ct. boxes.
Which breaks down to just over 12¢ a bag.

Used $1/2 from 11/10 RP, but there are new ones in the 1/05 RP, or printable at

Total $5.26 + .32 tax = $5.58 oop

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