Monday, January 20, 2014


 All the way there I talked myself in and out - and in - to going in the Goodwill, "Just to look around."

 I checked out the half-price color of the day - just to know - but didn't even get a buggy, because I wasn't there to buy anything.

Then I walked past a rack of a lot of tan cargo shorts. Enough of them to catch my attention. My boys wear these particular shorts so I stopped to check them out. Found 1 pair in their size, and low and behold, they were marked the half-price color of the day tag. Only $2.47. Woot!

Then I remembered my hubby was wanting some dark colored t-shirts to wear under his ambulance uniform. I found the navy Nike Dri-fit shirt, not half-off, but still was only $2.92, which I thought it was worth.

Found the Cobb Co Fire and Emergency t-shirt for half off, $1.46.
The new-with-tags Merona women's shirt in my size was hanging there in the men's section, and also marked half off, $1.46.

And then I was back in the toys/household/plastic/glass and all the other junk part and found the 2 boxes of large, clear glass ball ornaments for 99¢ each. I didn't want them, then I did, then I didn't. Had they been a cent more I think I could have talked myself out of them.

And then I came around the corner and sitting on the top of the end cap was the red FIRE bucket. $6.96.
I almost paid $10.00 for the bucket alone at an antique store back in the Summer. Thinking it was antique. Because I'd never seen one before, and, it was in an antique store.

Turns out it was a Hot Chocolate set. In addition to the bucket - which I love all by itself even without all the other things - there were 2 mugs, a magnet, some crackers and a bottle of Firehouse Ground Cocoa.

Total spent $17.25 + 1.04 tax = $18.29

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