Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rite Aid

It's been a bad week...I'd rather have just stayed holed up at home like I have been and ignore the world...but No, One has to Pick Themselves Up and Get Out There and Face the World. Bahhhh. FTW.

I had no real plan going into Rite Aid. I had an idea I was going to buy Zyrtec, but then decided I didn't need to, and they'll have the RA Brand Zyrtec BOGO again week after next. (Had it last week, too, but I wasted the opportunity.)
I figured I'd get the Complete Eye stuff, and maybe the Crest.

There was a good deal posted about Pure & Natural Soap or Body Wash. If you see in your ad where the Dial and some other soap and Pure & Nautral is BOGO this week. The price starts at like $4.00-something, and there are (or were) $3.00 off Pure & Natural March Video Values coupons. (Ask me if you need them.)

Then I had $2.00 coupons for Sudafed and Visine, and there were $2.00 in-ad coupons on both, so I had those if I needed to reach $20.00.

Sure enough, the 1st Rite Aid I visited didn't have the P&N Soap. So I got the Sudafed to take me up to $15.97, and the water took me on up to (nearly) $20.00.

Well, I hadn't paid attention and the Sudafed coupon was for 24ct. or more, and I only got 10ct. Register wouldn't take it. Dang it, why didn't I happen to get the Visine instead??

I guess I could have stopped it and switched them out, but I just let it go. I didn't want to cause anymore trouble than I was already expecting today.

$7.99 Complete
$2.99 Crest
$4.99 Sudafed
$3.99 Aqua
$1.00 CMN Balloon thing (trying to cop some good karma points)(it didn't work)
= $20.96

-0.75 Crest
-2.00 Sudafed in-ad q

-10.00 Zyrtec Certificate

$3.21 + .89 tax = $4.10 oop
SCR $7.99 Complete, $2.00 Crest

The next Rite Aid I visited - a larger store - also didn't have the P&N soap, so I guess it's not carried in my region.

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