Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The way things are going, I absolutely was NOT going to stop at this Walgreens. But then I thought, well, maybe Mr. George would be working, and it'd be dumb not to spend RR's on milk that I need, and end up having to spend cash on milk, and waste the RR's on stuff I don't need really need later.

Mr. George wasn't working; an older lady was, and that usually spells bad, bad news...but I had enough un-expired RRs to cover my order in case she shot down my other ones.
She looked real close at them, fingered them around, and it seemed like she was on the verge of saying something, but then just scanned them.

The Robin's Eggs got me. They were in a display marked "50% Off", and had .99 orange stickers on the bags. Every, every, every other time I've bought clearanced candy like that, they either rang up the price of the orange sticker, or "Item Not Found" and then the price on the sticker was entered. Not today....they rang up .50 a bag. Not that I'm complaining about getting them even cheaper - that's great! - but there I was at the register trying to do mental math to figure out how much RR's to pull out, and not have to be stuck with a large oop.
I didn't figure right, and my last $1.00 off milk coupon wouldn't go through.

$2.99 Schick Hydro Shave Gel
$0.50 Robin Eggs x 5
$1.29 Velveeta Cup - 1.29 BOGO IP []
$1.29 Velveeta Cup - 1.29 BOGO IP
$0.42 Velveeta Cup
$1.00 Velveeta Cup
$1.00 Powdered Drink Mix Singles x 5
$1.99 Zip Sandwich baggies
$1.01 Zip Sandwich baggies
$2.39 Burger Buns
$1.79 loafa bread x 2
$2.99 Milk x 3 - 1.00 off milk wyb Sara Lee Bread x 2
= $32.43BC/$27.85AC

-$27.00 RRs
= $0.85 + 1.22 tax = $2.07 oop

Rec'd $1.50 Velveeta, $3.00 Schick Hyrdo
Final Total $24.57

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Earthy Mama said...

I missed the velveeta deal....