Thursday, August 11, 2011

Food Lion

I needed some meat (since I haven't gone shopping in three weeks or so) so I found some other deals that looked decent and headed off to Food Lion this morning.  I didn't have many coupons, and wasn't expecting to have trouble with the few I had.

I tried to buy 4 bags of the Budget-Saver Pops Coupons on sale for 2/$4.00, using (3) .50 coupons (mine double to 1.00) and (1) Buy 3 Get 1 Free coupon.
I think the register read the wrong barcode, but anyway it beeped to Check Data or something, so she entered the number manually and the .50/doubled coupons worked fine.  But then she typed in the last one and instead of 2.00, it took off .50/doubled. At which point I guess I should have just kept my mouth shut and ate the extra dollar, but no, I questioned it.

So then she tells me they can't take coupons for Free items. I said you can when it's a Buy One Get One coupon.
She calls over the CS girl and tells her that she had to type in the number for the three coupons, and they doubled even though the coupons say to not double, and that I said the other coupon should have took off $2.00.
The CS girl asks, are those internet coupons? We can only take one internet coupon.

So I said, you can have your stupid popsicles back.

It's crap like that that just pisses me to high heaven. They've never only accepted one internet coupon before, and the cashier obviously had no clue that that was supposed to be the rule.
When they changed the rule about accepting only one competitor coupon per transaction/per day, they put up a sign on the ad display and at all the registers informing customers of it.
There was no sign informing customers about only one internet coupon, and that's a pretty damn important change that people probably would like to know before they spend their time doing their shopping and getting hassled at the checkout!

$3.00 Tostitoes (Not as good as BOGO price of $3.99, but $3.00 is the next cheapest compared to Kroger, Publix, Ingles and Walmart)
No coupons

$3.99 BOGO ($2.00 each) Capt Crunch cereal
- .50/doubled 4/17 I think
= 1.00/.99 each
(My oldest son likes the All Berries so I stock up on these when they're BOGO and I have coupons for his worthless ass. Don't know why I do it. He sure as heck don't need them, big as he already is.)(No offense meant to overweight people, but he is extremely lazy and eats like a horse. Or two.)

$1.25 Sundrop soda
- .60/doubled Catalina mq from Kroger
- .50/2/doubled Catalina mq from Kroger
- .50/1 Food Lion q from Blue machine
= $2.30/5 or .46 each

$2.59 Milk (cheaper than $3.14 Walmart milk locally)

$.89 Pizza crust mix (.69 for Jiffy mix at Publix)

$7.11 Ground Chuck (reg. 10.17) 3.09lb
$7.20 Ground Chuck (reg. 10.30) 3.13lb
Cost $2.30lb.
Saved $6.16

Total Spent $37.36 + 1.26 tax = $38.62
Saved $14.18 using MVP card
*Reciept says I redeemed $22.88 in coupons, which I did not, Even if counting the Budget-Pops coupoms that were taken off it wasn't $22.88.

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