Thursday, August 11, 2011


I really only wanted 2ltr sodas from Publix, on sale for .50 each, so how much trouble should I have had to gone through to get them?

The nearest Publix is a 40 mile round trip drive from me, so I wanted to be able to stock up while I was there. Otherwise, it's not worth the cost of gas to drive so far, and I'd come out the same just staying local and buying Sam colas at Walmart for .79 or 1.00 or whatever they cost these days.
I got 10 of the Cola, and 10 assorted other flavors for the boys.

I still had some Mahatma rice coupons in my folder expiring the end of this month I needed to get spent so I got 10 of the rice. I still have a couple more coupons, but recalled that most of the stores have put a 5 deal or 10 item limit.

I told my husband then I was probably going to have trouble buying 20 freakin' sodas. We decided if they gave me heartache, I'd buy 10 and he'd buy 10.

So we get to the register and the cashier scans my rice and tells me, "You can only use 5 coupons per item". WTF?!
So I was like, okay, I only have 1 coupon per item.
She aske how many I had? I said, 10 bags of rice, 10 coupons = 1 coupon per item.
No, no, they can only take 5 coupons for an item.
So I said I thought the limit was 10.

So she calls a CS girl over and the girl tells her no, it's a limit of 5 deals on the sale items. If it's not on sale, then they (we) can get as many as we want.

I asked to verify, 5 deals or 10 items, right?  She said no, only 5 deals on the sale items.
So I said well I have 20 sodas (and if she told me I could only buy 5 I was ready to throw them at her head). She ask how much were they and I said 2 for $1.00, so she says 5 deals, you can get 10.

I got the pizza crusts because they were cheaper than Food Lion. I believe I foolishly think that buying them will help me to remember next time. Yeah, right.

Total $10.28 + .46 tax = $10.74
Saved $17.80

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