Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping

Friday was the monthly .50 clothing sale at a local thrift store I like to shop at.  I love .50 sale day!
I got there at opening and was able to find several pretties for all of us.

They don't usually have a large selection of men's clothes, but I was able to find several nicer collared shirts, which my guys - who live in t-shirts - were really short on.

I got the sheer, peach-colored blouse to wear over the black
Also found 3 pair of shorts, a couple long-sleeve shirts, a couple pair of pants (not jeans or slacks, I'm not sure what they're called otherwise, but pants), and 3 pair of jeans.  I was running low on jeans. Don't know what happens to the ones I have, they fit for awhile, then one day I put them on and don't like the way they fit anymore (no, not gaining any weight).

My cousin is getting married in a couple of weeks, so I was really hoping to be able to find a new dress for the occasion. I did find a couple of dresses for .50, but neither suitable for an after Labor day, evening wedding.

While I was out, I decided to go on and check out the Goodwill, my second favorite place to clothes shop. They aren't as cheap as .50, but compared to new clothes prices at the store, you still can't beat it. And they have a much larger selection of men's clothes.
My first stop was the men's blue jeans row.  All their jeans cost $6.96 each. Last time we shopped we found Ryan three really nice pair of Levi's, which go for $40.00 or better at Sears.

Both of the boys are skinny, and the smaller sizes aren't easy to come by.
I was able to find him a pair of Carharrt jeans, which also go for $40 at Sears.
Found Kevin a pair of Levi's identical to the ones he already has (but not cut up the inseams)

Then I looked at dresses. All the dresses (except formals) are only $5.95.

I bought four dresses, because I liked them, but I'm thinking I like this 40's (50's?) style housewife dress for the wedding.

The brown dress was on half-off sale, so I got it for $2.98.

I posted these pics on my Facebook page to let my family pick which one they liked best, and the majority picked this green/brown one.
I'm not real sure they realize I'm over 40 years old, lol.
This is a much younger lady's dress.
I love it, too, but I'm going to love it better on one of my young neices.

Altogether I spent right at $50.00 on everything.
I wouldn't even have been able to buy the boys' jeans alone for that at the dept. store.


Anonymous said...

Wow - you got some awesome deals there. My favorite is the black dress and heels. I am not sure if it is appropriate for a wedding, but it sure does look good on you.

Melissa said...


Did you mean you don't think it's appropriate to wear a wedding, or you don't know if it is?

I think I need to call the What Not to Wear people for help with What TO Wear, lol.

Anonymous said...

I was meaning I don't know if it is - lol. But it looks really pretty. I love the show What Not to Wear. It is a great show.

Do you think you will be back into the game this fall (shopping that is). I am like you, I have been on hiatus. I am doing some of the fun Walgreens deals this week. I got in on the dove single bar soaps and the gatorade. My oldest son plays football, so the gatorade is great.


Melissa said...

I dunno, Christy. I keep thinking I want to get started back, but when I look at the sales, there just aren't that many good deals anymore. For the distance I have to drive to most of the stores.

I'm pretty well stocked for life on things like toothbrushes, paste, razors, soap, etc., but it's gotten sooo competitive around here, if I get up and get go early Sunday morning, they limit to ONE purchase, but if I go any later they are out of stock so even if I want to buy that stuff if it's free or for moneymakers I can't.

Grocery deals just aren't as good as they used to be.

Maybe once my stockpile shrinks more the deals will look better.

Quentella said...

I actually like the Yellow dress for a wedding outfit. All you have to do to make it more season appropriate is to put a shrug over it.