Friday, August 19, 2011

I needed to go by (as in past) Food Lion in my travels today, so I figured as long as I was down there anyway, might as well stop in and check for meat deals, plus milk is cheapest there and since they double .55 coupons, my .55/2 Incredible egg IPs are worth more there than at Publix or Kroger.

$2.59 milk

$2.98/2 eggs (1.49 each)
- .55/doubled IP
= $1.88/2 (.94 each)

The fish portions are BOGO this week; or, at our stores, 50% off.
$3.50 Flounder (reg. $6.99)
$4.00 Salmon (reg $7.99)

$4.66 Bottom Round Roast (reg $9.50)
$2.64 Petite Boneless Sirloin (reg. $5.39)
$2.60 Boneless Pork Chops (reg. $5.32)
$1.93 Beef Sirloin Strips (reg. $3.95)
= $11.83 (reg $24.16) Savings $12.33

Pepsi Max deal...
$1.50 Pepsi Max 2ltr.
- .55/doubled Blinkie q found in front of the P.Max
= .40 each

$40.90 + 1.23 tax = $42.13

Receipt says I tendered $8.95 in coupons, when I didn't tender any coupons at all because I was chatting with the cashier and didn't even think to give them to her.
Then it says, You saved $8.95 using your MVP card! so I guess they're counting Sale prices as coupons.
Does that mean they're submitting to the manufacturer for reimbursement of their sale prices, I wonder?

I did get a Formal Printed coupon policy today, and yes, they are only accepting (1) IP per item, per order now.  (And no IP for free items, but still doesn't specify about BOGO coupons).
This is just so ridiculous. Publix or Kroger (well, maybe Kroger, I haven't shopped there in a long time, either) doesn't limit to (1) IP coupon, and they have way more/better sales than Food Lion, not to mention having 10 times more stores, so statistically they'd have to be taking in way more coupons. If they aren't worried about a huge loss from Fraud IPs, why is Food Lion?
Not to mention, with the *per order* qualifier, it just makes customers have to do multiple transactions, and then they still end up getting the multiple IP's they didn't want. Plus a pissed off, hassled customer.

I went to the CS desk after and redeemed my q's for $6.93 (.93 was tax back) in cash.
Final Total $35.20

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