Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Had to take my kid for a Sports Physical today...
I thought we had done it back in Jan/Feb, but actually it was last June, and he has to have it before this Saturday's meet, and of course there was no appts at his Dr.'s open this week, so I had to find one of those quick care clinics like at CVS or Walgreens or what used to be at some of the Publix. The Little Clinic has apparently broke up with Publix and is going with Kroger now. The price at the Little Clinic at Kroger was $29, compared to $35+ at Wags or CVS, so that's where we went.

I didn't know there was a promotion, but they also gave me 500 gas points on my Kroger card for using them!
I didn't have very many coupons, people have been giving me some here and there, and it turned out I had (1) P&G from last and this month, so I had the $3.00 Febreeze and $2.00 Gillette BW coupons.

I doubted I'd even be able to find anything in stock, for all the shelf-clearers we have around here, but I somehow got lucky and found everything I was looking for, and then some.

I got the Febreeze Noticables warmer, on sale for $2.70 ($1.70 after the Mega sale)
My $3.00 coupon did work for the whole amount so I guess it went by regular price.
In the end, that gave me $1.30 overage.

$2.99 ($1.99 after Mega) Gillette Body Wash
- 2.00 coupon = Free + .01

That was the only coupon deals I had, but otherwise they had Gillette Foamy shave cream on sale for $1.24, or .24 after Mega sale, which is a great deal even without coupons. I got my son a couple of cans of that (he don't live with me, and I don't support him, so I'll tell him about the sale and let him go buy some more of his own. Mostly I was just trying to finish out a 4-item deal as cheaply as possible).

I also knew the Gillette shave Gel was $1.58, or .58 after Mega, but didn't give it much thought at first, but then while I was standing there I thought, I might not ever get shave gel this cheap again, the way things are going. My husband uses shave Gel, so I went ahead and bought 4 cans of that, too.

They also had some women's shave cream or gel, I forget the name of now, for $1.70, or .70 after Mega sale. I plan to tell my son's GF about that, but I didn't buy any for myself, I don't use it.

I also had a couple of the $1.00 Ronzoni Garden Delight coupons from the 5/15 insert (wow!) so got two boxes Free. They are on sale 10/$10.

Tyson Boneless Skinless chicken breast was on sale for $1.99lb, which is the usual sale price around here, I think. (Food Lion maybe has it for $1.77lb, but I may be misremembering?) Anyway, I grabbed a couple of packages.

Bread was .88, which is cheaper than .98 cents our Local Ingles has it for ($1.00 at Walmart).
And I just wanted some banana, they were .55lb which is the same as my local Walmart; mine were .36 cents.

I meant to look at the price of milk, but forgot. Blah.

Total Spent $9.13 including tax; down from $16-something originally.


Cheap&Sweet said...

I saw this post, looked at my add and was like how do I not know about this sell? So I jumped up cut a bunch of coupons and ran to the store. Everything was cleared out BUT 4 shave gels, I paid $2.55 for them but then left my .45c in the self check out! Smack my head! so $3 for 4. My hubby was happy at least.

Melissa said...

Paige, are you friends with Southern Savers on Facebook?

Everything she posts at her site, also posts to Facebook. I see all the posts on my Wall, so if I see something I'm interested in I can go check it out, without having to visit the site all the time, and it reminds to check the sale ads when they are posted to see if there's anything I want to make a run for.

If it's like other Mega sales, it should last through next week, so maybe they'll get in some more.
I may get rainchecks on the shave cream/gel that I'm not using Q's for anyway.