Friday, February 3, 2012

February Days of Nothing - Begin

I enjoyed January's 31 Days of Nothing challenge and keeping up with our spenditures over the past month, so I decided to carry it on into February, too.

I already know we're going to have some truck repair expense, and possibly an out-of-town trip, but hopefully I'll be able to cut back on the grocery expense and kindly balance it out.

First thing I had to do was have a chat with J about his snuff habit.

Now, I know he works 3 very stressful jobs and his nerves are strung out without the added stress of trying to break a nicotine habit, but the thing is, from January 3rd to February 1st/2nd, he went though 12 cans of snuff, and bought 2 more cans this morning.
That's like 3 cans a week, or one every other day. Seems like that's a bit much.

He tries to quit cold turkey, but everytime he does, he turns into a total bitch and I can't stand him. I try to talk to him about cutting down gradually, but he has no self control or discipline. I think he needs one of the anti-depressants like Zyban or Wellbutrin or Chantix, but I read about all those causing so many suicides.
I took Zyban to quit smoking some years ago and I never felt like committing suicide (more like it kept me from killing anyone else), so I don't understand what's going on with that.

Total spent for beginning of February Days of Nothing -
Day 1/2 - $3.40 (can of snuff)
Day 3 - $5.33 (2 cans snuff)

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