Friday, February 3, 2012

31 Days of Nothing - Wrap Up

The 31 Days of Nothing Challenge is over...

I can't put how much I saved doing this challenge, because I don't have a budget. Pretty much, my budget is to just spend as little per month as possible. Some months that's less, others it's more, depending on if I'm stocking up on sale items or 'investing' in cheap/free/moneymaker items.

I don't really feel like I saved anything because of the amount I spent on stocking up on sale groceries. Probably I did good, and it will save me in the long run, but after being so used to not spending anything on groceries - even being paid to bring groceries home much of the time - for the past couple of years, this doesn't feel too good.

Monthly totals:
$299.29 Groceries

$10.26 amount J spent eating out while working at ambulance service

$280.65 gas for our cars

$146.37 spent on Other things like: Doctor visit, prescriptions; painter's drop cloths and Dye for making curtains; mailing a package; internet expenses; set of headlight bulbs for my car.

$736.57 cost for month (not including the bills)

I'm okay with the Other things expenses, considering the Doctor visit, medicenes, and my car needing headlights. Could have been a lot worse.

J's eating out at work costs were excellent - he usually spends that much per meal and eats out several times a month when he's at his other jobs.

But the grocery and gas spenditures seem ridiculous!
I need to see if I can work on those for February.

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