Friday, February 10, 2012

February Days of Nothing - Week 1

February Days of Nothing turned into a whole lot of something this week. Talk about plans gone wrong, this week was a train wreck.

Started out spending $6.31 at Staples on a Rebate deal, but that was okay because I'm getting all my money back.

But then there was my Walgreens coupon shop fail, where I pretty much ended up paying $1.74/dz for eggs.

The day I shopped Walgreens, my husband spent the day at his brother's working on his truck, total repairs cost $117.63, plus $45.00 gas.

On the way home that evening, we were both so tired and strung out, there was no way I could go home and figure out something to eat, much less stand there and cook it, so we popped in to Little Cesar's Pizza for a couple of $5.00 pizzas, total $10.70 + a couple of fountain drinks, total $2.12.

Two days later J comes in from work, sick with Sinusitis, again. Another $25.00 Doctor visit and $15.00 prescription.

I owed my middle son some money for gas in my car and misc groceries and stuff he's picked up for me here and there, and he needed some money this week so I gave him $100.00.

I had to give my youngest son $50.00 for a new soccer uniform at school (which is a crock! The team is only four years old, we bought 2 new uniforms the first year, plus a uniform was given to them. They weren't in need of new ones already!)

J spent $5.37 at McDonald's while at work at the urgent care office.

Today I spent $20.00 at Groupon to get a $40.00 coupon, only to find out FTD charges a $19.99 service charge on your order, so you're still freaking paying $40.00 + for flowers. What a rip!
(They had items for $19.99, but they are shipped in a gift box, where I am wanting flowers delivered by a florist.)

But, hey, I only spent $14.90 on groceries this week: 4 gals milk, chocolate milk syrup, and 2 bananas.

Total spent this week $448.84 (not even including any household bills)

I don't see it getting much better the rest of the month, either. Maybe I should've stopped when everyone else did, when the stopping was good, last month.

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