Sunday, February 5, 2012


This looked better on paper. Everything but the fillers and tax was supposed to be free, but somehow I feel like I spent $30.00 on 10 dozen eggs.
Eggs are on sale this week for 99¢, those were all I really wanted.
The Wet Synergy lube is free after RRs this week, with a $1.00 off coupon, making it a $1.00 moneymaker, or, free eggs. Just pay tax.

I didn't want to keep paying out $10.00 a pop and end up with a handfull of $10.00 RRs, so there was another combination of items that worked out to "roll" the RRs.
$2.00 St. Josephs aspirin (get $2.00 RR)
$3.99 Energy Strips (get $4.00 RR)
$6.00/2 Colgate - $1.00 mqs (or mpp)  x 2 (Get $4.00/2 RR)
= $9.99 (plus filler to get over $10.00)

The first store I went to didn't have any of the Synergy lube, and I panicked thinking I wouldn't be able to get eggs later so I just bought them along with the St. Joe's, Energy Strips, and Colgate.

The next store had everything but the .13 bags for filler. I didn't want .33 pencils or .39 candy. I said, if I'm going to spend .39 on a tiny candy bar, I'm going to go ahead and spend .99 for eggs instead. So I bought a couple more dozen eggs.
Jello is on clearance for 39¢ so I got those a couple of times, instead of candy.

Things went a lot better at the store after that. I found everything I needed in stock, and a 10¢ filler (some kind of trading/game cards). Wish I could just shop at that store all the time, unfortunately it's like halfway across the country from here, nearly an hour drive. And gas is at $3.50 a gallon today.

The last store had the little bags, but I forgot to give her the coupon making them .13 each, so I overpaid for those.

All totalled including tax I spent $37.44, but I still have $20.00 in RR's, so everything cost me $17.44.
If you divide that by the eggs I only wanted, I paid $1.74 dozen.  

Help! Remedies (Funny website, check it out)
Wags has these new Help Remedies products on sale $3.99 BOGO, EXCEPT for the I Have A Blister package.
There are $2.00 off coupons and you can use two at Wags, making both free.

In some instances, some shoppers reported that the 2nd coupon had to be entered at $1.99, but at three stores I used mine at today it accepted both for the full $2.00.

I don't know how long this BOGO sale is going on, sounds like it's been going for awhile, but I can confirm it worked today, so likely this whole week.
If you ask for price check, make sure they scan both. The first one will ring up as $3.99, the other as $0.00. The $3.99 one won't say BGLP.

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