Friday, February 24, 2012


First, though, FYI, the February Days of Nothing went off the rail. We spent for Valentines, J & Kevin were both sick and had to go to the doctor and get meds again, we took a trip to Florida, J fixed his truck after hitting a deer, had to pay for a new soccer uniform, and who knows what even else. I give up.

Otherwise I haven't been doing any coupon-shopping lately. I had $20 Walgreens Register Rewards I had planned on rolling over into one of the free after rebate items, but then I didn't get back to check to see if the rebates were effected if I used RR's to pay. So then they were expiring the day after we got to Florida, so we just went and spent them on Breyers ice cream and theater candy and some Special K cereal and seeds and 50¢ Arizona tea.

It would have been really nice if this coming week's sale was last week's sale because there is a lot of free after RRs coming up, and now I need some of the Probiotic stuff.  J's doctor recommended it after giving him his 3rd round of antibiotics.  (I had a whole bag of FARR Culturelle I got during Black Friday, but apparently I donated it away, dang it. This is the kind of thing that makes me an Extreme Clutterer. I need stuff if I get rid of it!)

So yesterday we had some gorgeous, 70* weather and I got started sewing my seeds to sprout for the garden.

Sunflowers, green onions, Sweet Banana Peppers, Grand Bell Mix peppers
LOL, I got a little carried away making the newspaper seed pots.
Zuchini squash
Lima beans
So far the newspaper seed pots are holding up to watering okay, they aren't falling apart (yet?).  It's only been one day, though, and we have several weeks to go. We'll see what happens.

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