Friday, January 27, 2012

31 Days of Nothing - Week 4

Checking in for Week 4:

This week was rough on me, with the grocery shopping. I bought ahead while I could get the stuff on sale so I won't have to pay full price later, but I haven't spent that much on groceries on sale or not in over two years!!

It makes me think I need to get back into the coupon shopping like I used to, but I'm not sure that's even possible.
Before, I could buy my Sunday papers for $1.00 each. No more.
Before, the coupons were higher value, like $1/1, now they're more like $1/2 or .25/1.
More of the stores put limits on the number of items you can buy. Since I drive 25 miles at the minimum, usually 40+ (one way), it doesn't benefit me to drive all that distance for one item.
If I wait until later in the week/sale when they tend to relax limits (except for those places with Cards) I don't know if there's going to be any stock left.
The stores have gotten so hateful with couponers, I never have any idea if I'm going to drive all that way and not even be allowed to use my coupons for whatever stupid reasons they can make up to not let me.

We had to go out of town for a cousin's funeral so that cost an extra tank of gas for my car.
My husband filled up Saturday night, then his truck all but broke down. He started having to drive our son's truck on Monday, which, of course, the gas tank was just about empty, so he filled it up.
Our son's been driving my car, not far, just around here to his school and volunteer fire station a couple of times, but he's not used to driving my car, so he has ended up sucking out nearly the whole tank of gas.
I think I'm going to have him fill it up next time, though.

$153.59 total spent on gas this week (uggghhhhhh)
$182.91 total spent on groceries (arrrggggghhhh)

$336.50 total cost this week (just for gas and food)


~Sara said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Things come up that you can't control. Sorry to hear of your loss.

I have noticed here that the coupons have been not near as good as they use to be. I think the show Extreme Couponing made a bad impact. That's just my opinion though.

I have enjoyed reading all your updates. Thanks for linking up each week.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Sara. I've had fun doing the challenge.

I agree about That Show. I think it ruined everything.

anna said...

So to hear about your loss thing will be better day by day don not worry