Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shopping Day

CVS is having a good deal on 12 pack Coke products this week. (Dr. Pepper was included here for a change! Yay!) Also there was Fresca, Fanta, and Sprite that I can recall.

They are on sale 4/$10, or $2.50 per 12 pack.
They're included in the buy $30, get a $10 Cashcard deal.
Buy (12) 12 packs for $30.00 (Some stores are limiting to 4 per transaction, just do three transactions)
Get back $10.00 CVS cashcard (giftcard)
This makes the final cost $1.67 per 12pack. Or about .14¢ per can. or a little over a penny an ounce.
(24) 12-packs
Food Lion still has 2ltr sodas at .63¢ after Brand Sale...
Not trying to get too technical with the mathematics, but if you figure there's 144ounces in a 12 pack of coke, it would take just a little over (2) 2ltrs to equal a 12pack (67.6 ounce * 2 + 8.8 = 144).
If you break down the cost per ounce of 2 ltr. and multiply by 144 ounces, it would cost $1.34 to buy the equivalent of a 12 pack.
Only a .33¢ difference per 12 pack, and I can take the cans and cash them in the recyclers for money.

I bought more at Food Lion than I probably would have if I had gone alone, but my son was with me and he kept encouraging me to "buy it while it's on sale".

We got to the store really early, before 9:00, and there was a whole bunch of stuff on mark down. I got milk for $2.27 (almost a dollar cheaper than I usually pay), ground beef, stew beef, and fish nuggets all marked down.

I stocked up on some more ketchup at .64¢ brand sale price, pound of bacon was $2.75, canned veggies were .44¢, cereal $1.54.
The canned fruit was on sale 4/$5.00, or $1.25 each, then $1.00 each after brand sale. (Got over to Kroger and found out I hadn't paid close enough attention to the 4-day sale, they had canned fruit for .88¢, Argh!)

The little mini pizzas were .54¢ each after brand sale, and the frozen beef & bean burritos were .25¢, so I stocked up on quite a few of those.

The Tostitos were on sale for $1.99 ($3.99 BOGO).  The Walmart brand is a little cheaper at $1.68, but it was worth the extra few cents to not have to make a special trip into Walmart, and anyway I'm not even sure they are the same size bag. I need to check on that.

The Birdseye veggies were 10/$10, or $1.00 each. I had gotten a $1.50/2 coupon from the Blue Machine, which made them .50¢, or.25¢ each.

Then we went to Kroger for the 4-day and Mega sale.

They had Lay's chips for $1.99 mega sale price. Since we went mostly gluten-free, we eat a lot of chips, so I like stocking up on them when I can get them cheap.

I also got cans of Hormel chili, mega sale price .99¢. I probably should have waited and came home and seen if there was any coupons for them, but I got lazy and didn't want to mess with it. I was there, they were on sale, so I bought them.

Also got some Propel flavored water for .49¢ mega price.

The cheese is on 4-day sale for $1.48 a pack. About a dollar cheaper than Walmarts cheese regular price, so I stocked up with 10 packs. Well, stocked up for a little while. Wish I would put away like 50 of them. We use a lot of cheese.

The potatoes were $1.98/5 lbs for the 4-day sale.  I got a couple of bags, but IIRC I think I've gotten 10lbs of taters for cheaper than $4 bucks at Ingles or IGA.
I like to stock up potatoes when they're cheap since I learned to french fry or dice them up and freeze them. I didn't think much about having NO freezer space until I got home and had to try to cram all the frozen stuff I bought from Food Lion in. I just barely fit the cheeses in, because they're bags and maneuverable I was able to cram them into cracks and bends between stuff. But there's no way, no how any freezer bags of french fried or diced taters are going in at this point. I need another freezer bad.

Bread was .98, same as Ingles here at home, and sugar was $2.48 for 4lbs.  Walmart sells 5lb for $3.08, so that was within fractions of a penny being the same price.


$61.80 (24) 12-packs Coke
-20.00 Got back (2) $10.00 cashcards
= $41.80 cost

Food Lion:
$66.04 + 1.82 tax - $5.50 OYNO coupon = $62.36
Got back $9.00 OYNO
$22.08 + .66 tax - $9.00 OYNO coupon = $13.74
Got back $5.25 OYNO
Total cost $70.85

$61.82 + 1.85 tax = $63.67

Grand total $176.32

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