Sunday, January 15, 2012

Food Lion

Made it to the Food Lion Super Brand Sale today. Stocked up on some stuff we use while I could get it cheaper.

The way this sale works is, basically, they give you .25¢ per item back in the form of a catalina coupon.  So if you buy (4) FL brand items, you get a $1.00 cat coupon. If you buy (40) items, you get a $10.00 cat coupon. (Any amount in between.)

We drink Soda. It just a fact of our life. We're gonna drink it if I have to pay full price or stock up while it's cheap.
The store brand 2ltr sofas are on sale (at my store) for .75 this week (.89 at other stores).  After the Brand Deal they work out to .50¢ each, which is stock up price for me.
(The Colas were already all bought up, dang it.)

This particular store also sells individual canned soda in the deli dept for .33¢ each. After the Brand Deal they were .08¢ each.

*Beans reg .79¢....54¢ deal price (Beans at Walmart are reg. priced .68¢)
*Mustard/Ketchup Sale Price .88¢....63¢ deal price
*Hot Dog Chili sauce .75¢....50¢ deal price (this is regular price .50¢ at Walmart so not stock up deal)
*Vinegar reg. price .99¢....74¢ deal price (Walmart's reg price for the same size is .78¢, so a little bit of a deal.)
*Shredded Cheese sale price $2.39...$2.14 deal price

*On the Clearance shelf I found (17) cans of FL Pork'n'Beans marked .24¢ each, so they paid me .01¢ each to take these off their hands.
*Also on the clearance shelf was Salt marked .48¢, so .23¢ after deal

The Campbell's Tomato and Chicken Noodle soups are on sale for .60¢ each, which is a pretty good price on it's own. I had an IP coupon for $1.00/5, making my soups .40¢ each.

Was looking for deals on pizza crust, chili seasoning mix, and brown gravy mix but Walmart's reg price on these items are still cheaper than Food Lions even after the deal.

Also bought (4) cans of snuff for J.

Total spent $54.67


preemie_mommy said...

GREAT JOB on your challenge progress. Don't you catch yourself thinking...."oh I need or should buy this" then think...Wait, I can't. I'm doing 31 Days of Nothing Challenge. :)

It's been a fun month. Thanks for the updates!

Melissa said...

Sort of. There's been a couple of things I didn't want to do because of the Challenge, like buying GSCs or driving out of town to go to a funeral. I felt bad about that one, so we went to the funeral.
And actually I was going to buy the cookies, too, but I thought my cousin said we had until the 31st, so I was going to push it to the end of the month. But then she posted yesterday was the last chance, so, oh well. Guess I missed out. Awww, too bad for me. (lol)

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