Friday, January 20, 2012

31 Days of Nothing - Week 3

Time for the Friday check-in of how we did this week.

We did pretty good this week, spending mostly on groceries. I spent ahead stocking up on some things during the Food Lion sale, but that'll save me money in the future.

Otherwise J bought snuff, a bottle of oil for his truck, and spent a little less than $2 bucks grabbing a couple of Krystal burgers while working on the ambulance the other night. (He took leftovers with him but didn't get a break to be able to eat it, so he ate that for lunch while working at the urgent care the next day.)

No doctor visits, and no gas purchases needed - Yet. 

Total cost this week $75.83.

There will be a gas purchase sometime today, though, as we're getting ready to be on our way 2.5 hours out of town to a funeral.

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